Canyoning / Kloofing

Kloofing is the South African term for Canyoning where one descends down a river within a canyon or ravine. This may entail scrambling/climbing over rocks/boulders,big jumps, abseiling down waterfalls and waiding/swimming!

Various route options exist from 2hours to 8 hours with more extreme options available including multi day trips.  Custom trips are done in various other canyons not listed below and to other areas on request. All trips are a personal guided experience, guaranteed to be very different from anything else out there and focused to give the client the best possible experience.   

Durations times below are just an average, it will vary depending on your group size and fitness level. 

You are provided with a wetsuit, helmet, life-jacket and harness for this activity.


  • Adventure canyon tour – Scenic swims, waterfall jumps and abseils/belays down waterfalls. Kayaking also makes up about 3,5km of this trip, total route length of 10km (+-5hrs): R1200p/p      
  • Kaaimans canyon tour – Scenic swims and optional cliff jumps  (+-4hrs ): R650p/p 
  • Overboard canyon tour – 2x50m Abseils into canyon with a scenic swim out and optional cliff jumps. Two kayak legs to get to canyon and back (+-4hrs): R950p/p    
  • Multi day Canyoning expeditions available on request!
  • Video and photos of experience: R30005-547-0008Breathtaking sceneryvlcsnap-2015-04-04-18h51m29s123