Overboard Gear Review

Having used and been through a lot of waterproof gear over the years within my extreme sports background, I was excited to test the Overboard range of products. Having chatted to the Overboard team and with their assurance that their range of products was made with exceptional detail going into keeping your equipment dry, making it comfortable to use and the added good looks, I decided to give their gear a try.

overboard 20l

I have been using their waterproof backpacks and smart phone case, in various extreme conditions from canyoning, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, coasteering, trail running and hiking. These activities have really put the gear to the test, in all aspects.

Pro Sports Backpacks tested (20litre & 30litre) Dry tube backpack (60litre)

With my use the backpacks are constantly being submerged for short periods while jumping, abseiling and swimming. The packs fit securely on your back, making swimming, climbing and hiking with them easy over any terrain. They have survived ‘‘bundu bashing” and big jumps while on extreme canyoning expeditions and kept my emergency gear dry all along. These bags are just so versatile and very well constructed making them handy for just about any trip with the big bonus of keeping everything dry!

The 60L Dry Tube Backpack has removable backpack straps which comes in handy on kayaking expeditions or for when I just need to use it as a regular dry bag.  Also a very nice size to stow all your wet gear in, after a day at the beach, stopping your wet and sandy gear from making your vehicle and everything else in its immediate area wet and full of beach sand.



The Waterproof Phone Case (I used the small one for my Samsung Galaxy) was attached to my backpack strap by a carabiner (comes standard with the case as well as a lanyard). It went through the same conditions as the backpacks. On many trips it stayed submerged under water for long periods while swimming. It was very handy to be able to use my phone while in the casing in wet environments, the extra bonus was to take photos with it while in or under water. The phone case has also survived big jumps into water and been washed over a few waterfalls (not planned), all the time either being in my pocket, attached to my backpack or in my hand. If it can survive all this I can definitely recommend them. The case also came in handy on the beach and in the surf, protecting phone from sand and salt water. Nice to be able to take photos while swimming in the waves. All my past phones I lost due to water damage, at least that’s over now.


I live my life on the edge on a daily basis and like to use equipment that can handle the conditions I need them for. This is not often the case, many products on the market take shortcuts with quality as I have experienced over the years with various outdoor gear companies. So far the gear from Overboard Africa and their service has exceeded expectations and I will keep using their products for keeping my equipment dry out there!

Thanks to Overboard for making great products and allowing me to live my extreme lifestyle in comfort while keeping it dry…




Canyoning / Kloofing

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