Olifants river Gorge into Gouritz river

We did a  two day whitewater kayaking trip down a beautiful section of river between Calitzdorp and Herbertsdale. We were entertained by so much wildlife through these remote gorges. (Klipspringer, Otters, Dassies, Baboons, Kudu, Bontebok, Fish Eagle, Water turtles) The river consists of long flats with a few nice rapids which I would grade at about a class 3. Best to scout the bigger rapids for holes, siphons and strainers.  

Some thing to watch out for when making fire is an exotic invasive species on this river system called Oleander, this plant is very poisonous and you don’t want to throw it’s wood on the fire. Cooking on it’s wood can  be fatal and the smoke inhalation not to pleasant. So make sure you know what wood you are collecting when making a fire!

Can definitely recommend this as a nice 2 day river trip, with an easy put in at Calitzdorp Spa and a take out at 1st tar road bridge below Herbertsdale.

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