Red Bull Dolomitenmann

The 30th edition of this epic event was held on 9 September 2017 in Lienz, Austria. This is one of my favorite events to compete in and it was great to be back in Austria again for this (Thanks to Red Bull and also for spoiling us).  I love the town of Lienz, surrounded by beautiful mountains all around and two rivers running through it, the perfect location for an event like this. It was great to compete with a full South African team this year made up of: AJ Calitz – runner ; Bruce Zaaiman – paraglider ; Marthinus Esmeyer – Mountainbiker ; Don Wewege – Kayaker. What I really enjoy about this event is the team dynamics of bringing together all these individual sports into a team event. It was a  learning curve for most of the team whom were competing here for the first time. Bearing this in mind it went quite well with only a few hiccups during the race, like para cords somehow managing to find there way into bike cassette at handover haha!  At least everyone knows what to prep for come 2018 and get there training more focused on this event. 

Thanks to Second Skins for supplying us with team clothing and for my Paradise Adventures racing tops! 

Thanks to my amazing team mates for a great time and good memories!